Friday, March 28, 2008

Love outdoors!

I really like to be outdoors in nice weather - going to the beach, gardening, sitting and having a drink looking at the water or a fire, anything just to be outdoors, and thunderstorms are great even if that does mean you are stuck inside. I enjoy watching movies, dancing, yard sales, shopping(oops, sorry ),having a few drinks. I enjoy going out to dinner but also enjoy cooking a nice meal at home. I feel that for two people to have any kind of decent relationship there has to be communication, how else can you really get to know the person and make it work? I like doing many things and am open for suggestions, but I don't always have to be doing something, or be with people all the time either. I can be perfectly content to sit home and do next to nothing like read a book. I have a great job that I love...except for the commute...I'm thinking of taking flying lessons so I can buy my own plane and fly over all the traffic. I can do many things on my own, but let's face it, there are many more things in life that are much nicer to be able to share and enjoy with someone else. I would like to meet someone who is fun, easy going with a good sense of humour, someone who likes to do different things and who can make me laugh! I believe in starting out as friends and see where it goes from there.